Saturday, 23 January 2010

Graphite Portrait Commissions

15 x 22"
Graphite on Paper

11 x 15"
Graphite on Paper

Art works

'Wild Colour'
Study in Paint - mixed media

'Wild Horses'
Mixed media on paper. I love the energy in this painting. It may take some time to make sense of the image - but this adds to the appeal for me.

'Grey Mare'
Mixed media on board.

This is a charcoal study on paper of a beautiful Piebald Horse.

This is a Graphite Study on paper. Detail.

'Bay Stallion'
In regard to commissions, I call this style of painting 'Study With Paint'.
Mixed media on paper - charcoal and graphite and oil paint.

Equestrian Art

I have set up this blog so that clients can track the progress of their commissions and so that anyone interested in my work can follow what I'm up to.

I'll update it regularly with commissions and other works.