Thursday, 18 February 2010

Processes and Prices

As my website is still not quite ready, I wanted to post some information about the processes and prices for commissions.

Charcoal study : this is a drawing in charcoal. It is maybe best described as a detailed, expressive sketch/study. I can work initially 'live' from your horse/pet and then return to my studio to work from my sketches and photographs (either yours or mine) to produce a final image. Or I can work solely from your own photographs in my studio. I like to have a few photographs from which to work, however, if you have a particular photograph you favour please let me know.

This is a
charcoal study of a Skewbald called Jazz.

Prices for graphite and charcoal studies start at £55 for an A5 drawing.

Graphite Portrait: this is a very detailed drawing of your horse/pet created on Stonehenge paper and using leads.

For these portraits I can work from your photographs. The better and clearer your photograph the better the final drawing will be! Therefore it is important to send me the best photographs that you can. In situations where it is not possible to have multiple photographs, or perhaps your horse/pet has passed on please contact me in the first instance to discuss how to proceed. However, It's very rare that I am unable to work from just the one photograph.
I am also willing to take my own reference photographs to work from - again, get in touch to discuss this option.

The above portrait is a Graphite portrait. The size is approx 22 x 15".

Prices for
Graphite Portraits are from:

A4 (approx 8.5 x 12") - £120,
A3 (Approx 12 x 16.5") -
A2 (approx 16.5 x 24") -

Study in paint: to create a study in paint I can work from your photographs. I also like, where possible, to do my own sketches/ photographs of your horse. The process involved is thus: I study the photographs provided and make many sketches and experiment with different painting methods until I find one particular image and method which I feel really shows the essence of your horse.
I will use charcoal, acrylic paint, oil paint etc to find the perfect medium for your image.

'Bay Stallion' was created using charcoal and oil paint.

'Energy' was created on two individual board panels and I used charcoal, acrylic and oil paint!

For my Studies with Paint I can work on special paper, prepared board or stretched canvas. Prices do vary according to which 'ground' you prefer but the prices below give you an idea for
works completed on special paper.

A4 - from £150
A3 - from £190
A2 -
from £270
A1 - from £430

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Latest Commission Complete

This commission was a surprise 60th birthday present and so I have had to wait until today to put the images up.
It was fantastic to do. I have included some detail shots and progress shots too to explain how the commission evolves....

Generally I try to work left to right to avoid smudging the images. Each image is brought up to the same level and then I start on the details - whiskers, light reflections, stray hairs - the tiny bits that bring the drawing to life!

This is the drawing up stage. 6 individual graphs are drawn up (one for each portrait) as each one is a slightly different size, this takes a wee bit of time.
I actually love the look of the drawing at this stage... maybe my technical side coming through.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Am so close to completing my latest commission - one more day to go I think...
However, as it's a present I am not allowed to put it up until after the 14th.
It's a huge graphite drawing of 6 horses. It's been absolutely fantastic to do as each horse is so completely different. From the texture in their forelocks to the length of their eyelashes! Very challenging and satisfying.

Ah well, I'll just have to wait until next week then. I've also been recording the process for the client so it will be very useful to put on here to show how a commission is completed.

I have a few commissions in the pipe line at the moment: Two teenagers in a portrait for a 60th birthday present, a friend has commissioned a beloved dog portrait as a present to her Mother and two separate portraits of ponies for the same client. Can't wait to get started on these later this month.