Thursday, 22 July 2010

Latest Commissions

June and July...

It's been a while!

I've been clearing out the studio in an attempt to get it ready for making lots of new works. I'm working on the reference material just now with hundreds of new photos and sketch books filling up like crazy. It's a very exciting time.

On the commission front I've just completed two new works. A charcoal study of a stunning horse called Strider.

And a graphite portrait of Doodles, a most beautiful little horse.

In June there was a graphite study of Basil, a chestnut gelding who knows how lovely he is! Graphite studies are quite different from Graphite portraits as they are very 'free' in their approach. Portraits are meticulous, every hair in the correct place, studies are more freehand and expressive.

And this is a charcoal study of Cloud and Mia. I really like the contrast of the two together. It's quite a challenge to have subjects which are so different in scale, but I think this works well.

The only down side is that when I take photographs of my work a LOT of the detail is lost. I must find out how to take better detailed photos...