Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day 40!

Day 40
16 x 22"

Todays creation is once again inspired from my visit to Blair Horse Trials. The horse in the drawing was one of three lovely horses that were being used to show off Le Trec to the visitors. He stood still whilst his rider draped a Scotland flag over, around and under his head. He didn't flinch a bit. He was a perfect demonstration horse for Le Trec.
Sometimes, quite often actually, in art you have to know when to give up on a drawing that just isn't working out. And other times you need to know when you can keep pushing it to get something you are happy with. I am really glad that I persevered with this drawing - I very nearly gave up. I wanted to emphasise the important features - the eye and the nostrils and i've been wanting to try a dark back ground with the horse appearing out of the darkness.
I'm pleased with where this drawing has gone to - hope you like it.

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