Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What Does Art Mean To You?

I'm feeling very inspired today. I've been considering what art means to me and why I feel the need to create it and be a part of it. 

I want to create art that I would want to hang on my walls. Art that keeps me wanting to look at it time and time again. Art that makes my heart take a leap or makes me catch my breath.... this is what I'm striving for. When I'm working on a painting I'll make a mark and my heart will speed up or I'll get butterflies in my stomach. I'll get excited about that tiny mark - if only I could make every mark that amazing..... Does this make any sense? It's like a mini high every time something 'clicks'. Art is a drug?

 Today I was planning on doing observation drawings of a stunning horse called Bing. He is quite a magnificent creature and I was to draw him while he was being schooled. However, the heavens have opened and I'm not convinced and Arc could with stand this, never mind my sketchbook. But we'll see. I do live in Scotland after all and everyone knows we can have four seasons in a day here. Here's hoping the sun comes out. Or the rain stops at least.

Only 11 days to go until the Open Studios event! Yikes!