Monday, 11 June 2012

Balcarres International Horse Trials

Balcarres International Horse Trials - here I come!

Contemporary Equestrian Art, Equestrian artist, Freisian Horse

As ever, things are completely hectic at the moment, what with getting organised for Balcarres and working on a number of commissions. I may end up working on commissions while I'm at my stall at Balcarres. Might be interesting for visitors if nothing else!

I'm a little nervous about the whole thing as I'm not exactly sure what to expect - will I have enough stock, will I have too much? Will people like my art work? I've had a wee look at others who are exhibiting at Balcarres and although there are other artists I'm quite confident that my work is completely different. Hopefully it'll go down well.

Okay, must get back to mounting my prints. If you make it along do stop by for a wee look :)

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