Thursday, 5 July 2012

(this isn't the final image and a few things did change before the end of the painting but i can't find my photos of the final image...)

Happy summer holidays!! Sorry - wishful thinking.
If you are having a summer like we are in Scotland then it's more like a slightly warm winter holiday.

Anyway, the good thing, for me, about having dreadful weather is that I am more than happy to work away in my studio without feeling miserable about missing those special and elusive Scottish summer days.

So, in the studio at the moment I am working away on quite a few commissions. Two yellow Labs, a Jack Russel, two gorgeous horses, two beautiful cobs, a Highland cow, an Owl (!), a Westie and a Scottie and the others I can't mention in case I give away the surprise.Oh, and I'm getting ready for my stall at  Hopetoun Horse Trials (oh rain, please stop!) on the 27th - 29th of July and an exhibition in Biggar at the Corn Exchange Gallery in August.

 There's more news to come in August, but this'll do for now, in case I start panicking!

If you are near Edinburgh on the last weekend in July do stop by at Hopetoun Horse Trials. It's a fairly new event but has had some of the best reviews I've seen for quite a while!