Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blair 2015

So sorry for the delay in between these posts. I do always intend to make regular posts but by the time i've remembered my passwords something else is demanding my attention... like a small child.
Anyway, I promise I will try harder.

So Blair 2015 is coming around very quickly... just over 50 days to go. This is pretty much when the panic kicks in too. 

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My Stall at Blair 2014

It may not be obvious but the preparation behind having a stall at this year's event started in 2014! 
There's filling out application forms, ordering of prints, cards, canvas prints and business cards, making new work, framing work, deciding on hanging method (this seems to change for every stall i've ever had), travel arrangements, accommodation arrangements, staff to organise, baby sitters to bribe, demonstration ideas to work on, materials to order, stall layout plan to do.... and so on.
So, I thought it would be a really good idea if i started a new project in the lead up to Blair! 

Yes, I  am a little insane.
I'm just fine tuning the project's details but will have worked it all out tonight so will post it up tomorrow. 
Oh dear! :)  

Thanks for your patience!

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