Friday, 23 October 2015

Website Overhaul & A Holiday From Commissions!

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As you may have noticed, this website/blog is a wee bit out of date... well, okay a few years out of date! Yikes.
It is my intention to spend November having a complete overhaul of everything - This blog, my website and my facebook page

After a lot (and I seriously mean A LOT!) of thinking I have decided to only take on a very, very small number of commissions in 2016. This was a really hard decision as commissions have been the bread and butter of my painting over the last 5 years and I appreciate every single one that I have been asked to do. However, every artist needs to spend time developing their work and improving on their skills and because I recently became a mother (to a gorgeous wee boy!) my time in the studio has suddenly become somewhat reduced!
 Before I gave birth, I actually believed that my boy would sit in the studio playing while I painted away! Ha! I now realise how naive I was.
Anyway, because of this I have decided to put a year aside so that I can concentrate on developing my work, exploring new mediums, improving my skills in other mediums, producing more work for galleries and just taking my art to the next level.  
I am working furiously to complete all current commissions as soon as possible (I'm aiming for the end of the year).
If we have talked about a commission, don't worry, I will still honour this  - just drop me a line.

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